Hybrid in Biology


  • The offspring of two plants or animals of different species or varieties. For example, Cama (camel x llama)
Picture of a cama

How it happens?

  • Anthropogenic hybridization. We human can combine two different species’ DNA together and implant the fertilized egg into a female animal’s body. For example, on May 11, 1897, the first liger was born with parental traits of male lion and a tigress, under Carl Hagenbeck’s effort.


Picture of a liger
  • Natural hybridization. Although species, especially animals, often have mechanisms to prevent themselves from interbreed with other species, it happens sometime. For example, Lonicera fly is the first known animal species from natural hybridization. Before that, natural hybridization was known to only occur in plants.
5-lornicera fly
Picture of a Lonicera fly

Hybridization can create new and stronger species, on the meantime, hybrid animals can hardly reproduce. There’s no evidence showing all of hybrid animals are suffering from diseases, on the other hand, hybrid animals always have a shorter life span. So, what do you think? Is hybrid a good thing or a bad thing?


Author: Yiran Chen

Drexel Student from Marketing Master program. A dog-lover, an environment-protector.

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